Aleatory ( a throwback piece ).


Welcome to the first of my resurrected items, which may or may not be a terrible idea. Time will tell. This is old.

Enjoy! (?)
(  *^_^)

I have a word for the day! It doesn’t mean I’m using it correctly, but I’m OK with that.

This seems to fit this article I am about to write, mainly because the only way this is getting finished is going to be by the random chance of a couple of thoughts coming together.

This is difficult, I’m at work and my brain has shut down. Saying that, my being here is aleatory, my continued attendance here is aleatory. By extension my entire lifestyle is aleatory. Well, I’ve used it enough now, so on we go.

As I was saying, my presence at work is dependent entirely on random circumstance. I am one of those people who has never gotten a job with out knowing somebody in the company first. I did some research¬† in this and it turns out I am not in the minority, which is nice to know. It does make me think though, if its more who and not what you know, doesn’t that naturally put a lot of us on the back foot? it brings to mind concepts of class, and how the privileged get to have better opportunities because of who they know. So if you’re lucky to have a Dad, Aunt, best friend who’s a director in the business, great. If not then it definitely sucks to be you.

I’m not down with that at all, and as a system it definitely blows, but life is still a chain of choices, decisions made by an individual so as best to maximize the aleatory opportunities that arise in the course of any given day. All we can do is plan for failure, and concurrently seize all the best opportunities we can find.

it’s a balance, and a choice.

Take it easy.